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South Africa’s most loved holiday destination

The ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort is one of South Africa’s premier vacation destinations. Hartenbos Seefront is a development within the ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort, and we are proud to be recognised as the ultimate place for visitors of all ages to enjoy endless entertainment and fun, state of the art leisure and retail facilities, and almost everything else you can think of for an unforgettable holiday.

From all-day summer fun at the adventure park and zooming around the only ice rink in the Southern Cape, to bronzing in our sun lounging area and gazing out at the ocean from our warm water pool – Hartenbos Seefront has just what you need for the time of your life.


Situated along the beautiful Garden Route

If you’re a fan of the beach, Hartenbos Seefront is the right spot for you. Situated along the world-famous Garden Route between Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort was the first of the seven ATKV resorts established since the inception of the ATKV. Today we are proud to have the same purpose and vision – to gather friends and family, and give them the opportunity to share memories that will last a lifetime.

The beautiful beach is literally a couple of metres away from all of our other facilities and entertainment, so you can enjoy the salty sea breeze and amazing sunsets right on your door step.

Thousands of visitors from all over the country value precious moments together at Hartenbos, and we want to continue to grow our family and build on our rich cultural history and background. Look forward to endless days of fun and relaxing on the finest beaches, stunning views, easy access to our world-class facilities and a safe environment to relax and enjoy your holiday with family and friends. Click here for accommodation options at the ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort.

Local Attractions

Add even more flavour to your holiday

The Hartenbos Seefront Resort is conveniently located near some of South Africa’s biggest tourist attractions, such as the Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary, the Cango Caves and Meiringspoort. To assist you in planning your trip and adding in additional activities, this list of suggestions will help you plan the perfect getaway.

  • Cango Caves
  • Jukani Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Dias Museum Complex
  • Botlierskop Private Game Reserve
  • Ostrich Farms
  • Meiringspoort
  • Cape St. Blaize Lighthouse
  • Golf Courses
  • Wilderness (Map of Africa)
  • Knysna (Tsitsikamma – bungee jumping, canopy tours, etc.)



Boasting a proud tradition of 79 years

The Afrikaans Language and Culture Association (ATKV) was founded in 1930 in Cape Town as an organisation to give people the opportunity to share in the pride and tradition of being part of the Afrikaans language and culture. Today the ATKV boasts about 70 000 main members and supports almost 30 cultural projects per year – welcoming people of all cultures to be part of this wonderful organisation. The ATKV is also home to seven breath taking holiday resorts all across the most beautiful parts of South Africa, including the ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort.

Hartenbos Seefront forms part of the ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort, and with a proud tradition of 79 years – ATKV Hartenbos Beach Resort and Hartenbos Seefront is ready to take your experience to the next level.