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It is with great excitement that we announce our Hartenbos Seafront Summer Festival, a one-month long festival that will run from 7 December to 7 January 2016. We are confident that it will be the hottest place to spend summer.

In December, Hartenbos will transform into a kaleidoscope of things to do, all manner of foods to eat, new people to meet, waves to surf, and of course, plenty of photo opportunities to document your adventures. The memories that you make along the way will be enhanced by the funny stories and antics of Pietman, Wikus van der Merwe and Andries Vermeulen, and will be backtracked by the lyrics of Bok van Blerk, Heuwels Fantasties and Dewald Wasserfall.

If you’re looking to follow in the footsteps of your music idols, then entering the Seafront Singing Competition could be the beginning of your stardom; or if you fancy yourself to be quite the looker, then you may find yourself strutting your stuff on the catwalk as Mr or Miss Seafront! If neither of these tickles your fancy, you could just hit the beach for some quality time with your family, and that is okay too!

Should the weather not play ball for the day, you certainly won’t find yourself short of things to do as our entertainment options aren’t limited to the outdoors! We’ve got a number of indoor attractions and events that will keep you entertained for hours on end. The movie buffs amongst you will be excited to note that the premiere of ‘Modder en Bloed’ will be hosted right here, and you can get your tickets from I-ticket, so don’t delay!

Spending Christmas with us is going to be special; we’ve heard that Father Christmas may even pay us a visit!

When New Year’s Eve rolls around, you can expect a party that is going to live on in your memories for years to come. The entire evening will be supported by a live broadcast of Jukebox on kykNET; these tunes will ensure that the party animals will have something to dance the night away to. We can guarantee that there will be minimal sleep, but an absolute maximum amount of fun as we welcome in 2017!

Summer holidays are meant to be about having the time of your life and making memories; memories that come rushing back whenever the aroma of suncream drifts past your nose.

See you soon!